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We Are Professional Dentists

Welcome To Avenues Dental Center

When all you need is a dentist, but wondering where to start? Great.. you’ve arrived at the right place. At Avenues Dental center we would love to help you.Convenient and centrally located at Qatar, Avenues Dental Center is committed to bringing high quality treatment at Qatar with exceptional care to patients.

At Avenues we offer cosmetic dentistry services to enhance your smile and make you feel happier and more confident. At Garr Dental Center, you can enjoy the benefits of Boost professional tooth whitening, and Durathin veneers--prepless veneers that can go directly onto your teeth without altering any of your tooth structure. You can enjoy the full benefits of veneers without the prep.


Our policy is to attempt to see patients within 24 hours if there is severe pain and swelling. Please call the office as soon as you are aware of a problem. It is almost always easier and less expensive to treat a dental problem early. Dental disease will only get worse if left untreated. Because there is an after-hours fee associated with coming in when the office is not open, as well as a walk-in fee if you do not have a scheduled appointment, we would encourage you to call during business hours as soon as you notice a problem.

Warm and Caring

Leading our patients to optimal health is our ultimate goal. This phrase reminds us that without your help, we can accomplish very little; but working together, we can help you be not only pain free, but pleased and self assured with your smile.

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance programs that allow you to choose the dentist of your choice. These are usually called traditional or indemnity insurance plans, and offer you the most freedom in choosing your dentist. Please bring your dental insurance card with you. If a card is not available, then bring a completed insurance form with you in order to submit your dental visit to your insurance company. We can also provide a payment plan to assist you with your portion that is not covered by your insurance.